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If you find the above resonating, you might be a Highly Sensitive Person.

Should you be interested in more descriptive sentences, you can find the informative self-test here.


This website is dedicated to High Sensitivity.

It was initially created with the Slovenian audience in mind but to honor you, the English speaking visitor, it also has a portion of English content.

A big part of this website is based on the work of Elaine N. Aron and Ted Zeff. It also draws from the work of other authors, who are active in the field of High Sensitivity.

The purpose of the website is to inform about this innate and normal personality trait. The aim is to raise awareness that High Sensitivity is not about overly sensitive individuals who should toughen up but rather a trait found in a minority of normal yet more sensitive people. They are called Highly Sensitive Persons, HSPs.


As a part of the mission, we created a High Sensitivity Starter Kit. Two complimentary e-books are designed to help Highly Sensitive People answer the question: “How to begin?” and to assist them at the beginning of their journey to create a lifestyle aligned with High Sensitivity.


Approximately every fifth person is born with the trait of High Sensitivity that has four basic characteristics (depth of processing, being easily overstimulated, emotional reactivity & empathy, and sensitivity to subtle). Its main overall feature is a more finely tuned nervous system.


Studies show High Sensitivity also exists in more than 100 animal species. This supports the conclusion it is not about overly sensitive individuals or a random sensitivity, but it is a trait the minority of representatives of a species is born with (15 – 20%). The assumption is High Sensitivity is a survival strategy.

Information about High Sensitivity is evidence-based; you can find the list of researches here.

Its scientific term is Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

Being a Highly Sensitive Person can nowadays easily be a burden. But it can be an asset and even a blessing. If a Highly Sensitive Person has a lifestyle that is in alignment with High Sensitivity, she or he can uncover and develop the gifts High Sensitivity offers.


High Sensitivity is an innate trait which means a person is already born Highly Sensitive. Highly Sensitive Children (HSC) have different needs as their non-Highly Sensitive peers and are also more influenced by the quality of their childhood in terms of how effectively their needs as HSC are being met.


There is a list of further resources available: videos, authors and also links to websites about High Sensitivity in English, German, Italian and Serbian language.


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