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The team

Manca Klinar

I am the creative energy and driving force of everything happening under the domain name

I am a curious learner of life and its lessons; I have a hunger for nature and a love for sports. I am also an HSP. A Highly Sensitive Person. Realizing this and understanding what it means significantly impacted my life – my perception of myself, my feelings and emotions, my reactions, my needs … I felt a strong desire to share information about this personality trait with others. To create a possibility for others to have A-HA moments, see themselves in the light that could change their life for the better, and step into their whole selves.

For the last few years, I supported HSPs as a Whole Person life coach and then returned to my original profession, law. You can contact me via email at or find me on my website.

High Sensitivity is a gift. You can unwrap it by honoring sensitivity and adjusting your life accordingly. You are normal and enough. You just have a differently wired nervous system.

Anja Benedik

Anja is the creative energy behind the design of the e-books, objective lens (many photographs on this website and at are her work) and many a thing.

As a free spirit, creative and cheerful, she is always ready for action and always willing to help. May it be tips on books to read, sharing or taking photographs, doing the design work. She especially likes capturing special moments outdoors (among other things she was also taking pictures of the bride and the groom while climbing to the altar on one of the mountain tops) but also enjoying them herself, may it be climbing, cycling, snow adventures, hiking … Together with her husband and her daughter she also likes spending time in the beautiful Davča (when their summer house is not rented out).

You can see Anja’s Facebook profile here.