Susceptibility To Energy And What To Do

Because of their trait, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) perceive and absorb more stimuli than other people, they deeply process all that was absorbed and thus become tired and overwhelmed more easily. This affects them in various ways, one of them being susceptible to the energies of other people: they can pick up on the energies, moods, and emotions of others thinking they are their own.

If those emotions or moods are pleasant and the energy supportive they can benefit from them and at worst this larger quantity of energy can make them physically tired. But when it comes to unpleasant and difficult emotions, negative energy, and destructive moods their effects can be shattering. HSPs perceive the energy, emotions, and moods as their own not being aware „the stuff“ doesn’t even belong to them and so they let it stay in their field. They might try to deal with it and try to change their state but achieving that would be very difficult because what they are dealing with does not belong to them. The best approach would be to restrain from it as much as possible.

Are you one of the Highly Sensitive People and wondering how to do that?


To be balanced and protected and to live a quality life, being grounded in the body is fundamental. That means having your energy concentrated within, having only your own energy in your energy field, and taking care of it. A very important part is self-care: taking care for your body and having enough rest. The most natural way to ground yourself is having contact with the earth (my favorite is walking barefoot on the grass). Another helpful thing is letting the lukewarm water run over your hands; that will clean and balance you.

There’s a number of grounding exercises. I chose two of them for this article:

a) In a sitting or standing position let all of your weight drop down on the surface you are on and feel how the earth supports you, how it holds and protects you, and allow yourself really feel all that. Combine it with conscious breathing (you can find the description further down – under the centering exercises). You can do this exercise multiple times a day and wherever you are – a few breaths’ time is enough.

b) In a standing position imagine the energy going down your legs and when it comes to your feet imagine it transform into roots going down through your feet into the ground and penetrating through the earth deeper and deeper towards the core while branching out on their way to the core of the earth. Breathe consciously and feel the stability of your body.

Every time you become aware of your body you shift your focus from your mind to your body which helps you be more grounded and present.


When you are grounded next thing you can strive for is being centered in your body. This is a state of being focused on the here and now, being present in your body here and now. You can center yourself in various ways.

The first step is conscious breathing: you breathe deeper and your attention follows your breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth (when exhale is longer than inhale, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated; it is the one being in charge of rest and regeneration); when you do the abdominal breathing your diaphragm activates: you let the belly go out with an inhale and bend inward with an exhale. 

A note: breathing connects you to your body and enhances the flow of energy through your body while holding back the breath or shallow breathing keep the tension stuck in your body. You can use conscious breathing anytime and anywhere. Breathing is life 🙂

The second step is to add one of those types of visualizations:

a) Imagine a beam of golden light coming from the sky, flowing through you and centering you, balancing you; if you are in a standing position your body might sway back and forth a bit and then gradually come to stillness.

b) Keep your focus and attention on the spot located two fingers under your belly button while breathing consciously; you can be sitting or standing while doing that.

When grounded and centered in your body your energy stays within you and you have stability. Having fatigue or not being in a good physical state can weaken your stability which is why self-care is so important. 

Living in a community of people means there are times when you will have to go into the crowd or be in a company of people who drain you or have negative energy or an unpleasant mood which is very strenuous for you. Those kinds of situations may require a special care for your well being. When being grounded and centered you can add so-called protection.

There are many ways of how you can protect yourself and many of them have one thing in common: setting the intention as a very powerful first step.

Intention could be something like: “My intention is to protect myself from all energies that are not aligned with me, to allow through only frequencies of love, and to deflect all which is not mine and which is of low frequencies.” Or: „My intention is to protect myself from all energies of low frequency that are not mine and keep them out of my field.“


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a) One of the ways to protect yourself could be to use a protection bubble. With blue as the color of protection, you can visualize a blue bubble forming around you – being in a standing or sitting position – with a semi-permeable membrane letting through love, the highest good, that which is compatible with you and keeping out that which is not yours and which is of low frequencies.

b) One other way could be to visualize a light surrounding your body and protecting you; it might be golden, white or blue.

c) You can also call upon Archangel Michael, the protector whose color is blue, or your spiritual guides or something else you believe in, something or someone that helps you or accompanies you to protect you.


In your everyday life:

Whenever you feel your thoughts are becoming chaotic or dispersed or your energy is leaking you can ground yourself and/or focus your attention on your body and check its state or focus on your breathing. It will calm you down and bring your attention to your body.

As said so many times when addressing HSPs: rest, quiet alone time, soothing the nervous system and regular physical retreat from people are crucial in your efforts to take good care of yourself. You can also use the latter three when you find yourself exposed to energies of other people without a chance to leave the event yet feeling the need to withdraw and regain balance. You could try to retreat for a moment (to a quiet or an empty room, to the toilet, go outside), ground and center.

If that is not an option you could mentally withdraw and focus on your breathing (at least for a moment), cross your arms and your legs and in that way use the body language to state the intention to protect yourself and refrain from foreign energies. If you are aware of this “energy strain” you could also prepare yourself in advance accordingly.


How do you cope with those everyday energy challenges in your life? Are you resilient or are you experiencing issues with them?


A note: the described exercises are not mine, I’ve either read them somewhere or learned them from someone.